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UV protective glasses and violet light flashlight

UV protective glasses and violet light flashlight


Share my UV protective glasses and violet light flashlight. Ultraviolet radiation has a great influence and biological growth to the human life, it is harm to the skin, even have the risk of cancer if exposure to UV for too long. More ultraviolet carcinogenic factors you can find TANK007 staffs to ask UV related knowledge. Certainly there is a beneficial way, but it only refers to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, not UV ultraviolet (UV) light source in industrial area. The UV glasses is the best protection tool to UV ultraviolet (UV) light source .UV flashlight can check the leakage of air conditioning and automobile circulation system, check mark, the blood, the survey at the scene of the crime; seeking treasure, hunting, antique appraisal and making ore field exploration; ink curing, UV curing glue; Anti-counterfeiting mark, money distinguishes the true; special gas, oil and gas pipeline leakage inspection; special fluorescence reflection of matter.

Since bought the Tank007 UV flashlight, I used it on all of my daily things and find that there are really a lot of fluorescent agent in our life