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UV light sterilizer, you might know these?

UV light sterilizer, you might know these?


During COVID-19 in 2020,  The epidemic makes people pay more attention to the uv disinfection lamp which is an environmental protection sterilizing tool.

What is UV light sterilizer?

Ultraviolet light is the ultraviolet wavelength between 100 and 400 nanometers (nm), which is visible by the human eyes. It is divided in UVA, UVB, UVC.

  1. Wavelength which is between 320 and 400nm, call UVA
  2. Wavelength which is between 280 and 320nm, call UVB
  3. Wavelength which is between 200 and 280nm, call UVC, also call shortwave ultraviolet, used for almost all the ultraviolet light disinfection on market.

Why can UVC disinfection lamp kill virus and bacterium?

As we know, although UVC ultraviolet wavelength is short, but the energy is the strongest.  it can destroy the DNA or RNA structure in the cells of viruses, bacteria, molds, bacillus and other microorganisms including (covid-19: novel coronavirus) in a short time of irradiation so that the cells cannot reproduce but die. The wavelength 254nm of ultraviolet light sanitizer is the most effective.

What to do with a UV light sanitizer?

  1. Keep the irradiation as closer as posslible
  2. Keep the adequate irradiation time

You may pay attention to below by using portable uv light sanitizer.

By using the UV products,please do not shine directly into animals, plants, human eyes and skin; No touch by children & old, etc.