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Uses of Tank007 Ultraviolet FlashLight

Uses of Tank007 Ultraviolet FlashLight


uses of tank007 Ultraviolet flashLight

AA02 TANK007Ultraviolet FLASHLIGHT

AA02 TANK007Ultraviolet FLASHLIGHT

UV flashlight is characteristic product of tank007.You can use a UV flashlight to detect the your bills, skin care cosmetics, baby supplies  and daily use chemical products.The application field of Ultraviolet flashLight is very wide.

1.Detecting Counterfeit Bills

Ultraviolet flashlight flashlights can be used to detect counterfeit bills currently. Many countries all over the world put an invisible fluorescent strip in their currency. These strips  can only show up when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, such as the beam from an UV flashlight.

2.Detecting Antique Forgeries

Appraisers use UV flashlights to detect forged antiques. Many paints today contain phosphors that will glow under a black light, while most older paints do not contain phosphors.with the development of technology in forged antique ,it become more  important to use a UV flashlight to detect, and UV flashlights are an inexpensive way to quickly validate some items–this authentication technique is unknown to some forgers and non-phosphor paint is hard to come by for any forgers.

3.Forensics Uses

Forensic scientists can use ultraviolet lights to look for clues. Certain clear or “invisible” substances will glow when an ultraviolet line is shined upon them.Blood and some body fluid proteins can emit a fluorescent glow under a black light. Investigators use ultraviolet flashlights in collecting crime evidence.First they will sprinkle some powder at the scene of the crime ,with a UV flashlight it is easily to  find crime traces .

4.Biological detection

Mold is very hard to detect in regular light, but with a ultraviolet  flashlight aimed along the wall (not directly at the wall) can show the hard-to-see toxic mold. Finding the mold is the first step in having the mold tested and effectively cleaned from your home.At present,people have pay more and more attention to environmental protection and health for the infant supplies, it would be very convenient to use the UV flashlight detecting some fluorescent substances.

5.Finding Leaks or repairing

Ultraviolet light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength  between visible light and X-rays.Injecting a little fluorescent dye into the oil supply, fuel supply or any other liquid supply will make leaks easy to detect with an Ultraviolet flashlight. A repairman might detect an otherwise invisible air-conditioner leak by adding fluorescent dye to the refrigerant and then looking over the air conditioner with an UV flashlight.Flashlights can also show water leaks from plumbing or ceilings.

6.Diamond minesdetection

Many minerals are very visible in ultraviolet light. Some even fluoresce in the presence of ultraviolet light. These minerals may appear gray when encountered in a gravel pit but glow brightly with a distinction in the presence of ultraviolet light. The most commercially interesting of these rocks are diamonds. Ultraviolet flashlights are routinely used in diamond mines.Sri Lanka’s biggest advantage lies in mining , it is the world’s top five gem producing countries, known as the gem island. uv flashlight will help businessman very much in those gem production countries.

TK-566 TANK007 Ultraviolet flashLight

TK-566 TANK007 Ultraviolet flashLight