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How to use TANK007 jade flashlight to identify Rhodochrosite

How to use TANK007 jade flashlight to identify Rhodochrosite


How to identify Rhodochrosite with TANK007 jade flashlight.

Rhodochrosite contains copper and manganese, that’s why there is red color, there is a romantic Rhodochrosite name “Rose Stone”, as a symbol of love, people generally think that wearing Rhodochrosite can provoke love and happiness, which bears a beautiful hope. Natural Rhodochrosite’s color saturation and texture are very good, considering artificial Rhodochrosite cost problems, they often do not notice the details, directly dye red color to artificial Rhodochrosite.

Rhodochrosite identification methods

1 stripes and shiny: How to identify Rhodochrosite with TANK007 jade flashlight? by jade flashlight 45 degrees illuminate, we can clearly see the milky white stripe under highlight of jade flashlight.In the light of a flashlight, jade can show different halo, especially in low light, glossiness remains unabated, under different light,imitation Rhodochrosite’s gloss become dull, especially in low light, gloss will disappear, sluggish.
2 Hardness: Rhodochrosite has low hardness, Mohs hardness between 3-5 (very easy to wear), imitation hardness is too high.
3 Specific Gravity: Natural Rhodochrosite’s specific gravity is high, usually 8 mm diameter bracelet, weight between 23 to 25 grams, while imitation Rhodochrosite’s specific gravity is low, weight 17 grams and down.
False Rhodochrosite current approach for dyeing and plastic irrigation, after treatment, red stripes become brightly-colored,showing a deep red color dull and presented the same color in different environments.

Rhodochrosite for whom wearing?

Rhodochrosite for what age people wear, with what effect, what kind of people and what kind of mentality of people wearing such jade is more suitable?
Rhodochrosite suit for lonely hearts, self emptiness, repressed person to wear. Rhodochrosite helps to help guide the inner thoughts, inspirational, and enhance their self-confidence, people become positive and optimistic, cheerful and lively. It makes us realize our true charm, and encouraged us to play self-charm.
Rhodochrosite is known as Sailor Moon, indicating that not only beautiful, still has overcome energy. It has a blooming rose-like color, good at articulate their own charm, give long-term physical and mental benefits of the wearer, to disperse the inner anguish and encourage self.

Rhodochrosite is a beautiful pink stones, not red, usually in the middle there is milky white striped or cotton shape lines appear, indicating that there is external intrusion during process forming.