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Why should a torch be sent as a gift in Valentine’s Day, and what’s the point

Why should a torch be sent as a gift in Valentine’s Day, and what’s the point


Why should a torch be sent as a gift in Valentine’s Day, and what’s the point? The torch always represents light and promising traditionally, it has the meaning of promise, brightness and happiness as Valentine’s Day’s gift.

According to the lunar calendar, the Chinese Valentines Day is on August 2nd this year.

The Chinese Valentine’s Day, alternate name Double Seventh Festival, is the most fun holiday for couples. It originates in China and now is the traditional festival of Chinese regions and part of the East Asian countries affected by the Han culture, which is celebrated on seventh day of seventh month by the Lunar Calendar. This festival originates from the story of the Cowherd and the Weaving Maid. During the festival, girls pray for happy marriage in ancient times. Nowadays, the festival is growing to be the most romantic festival in China.

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