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Torch recommendation of TANK007 rechargeable flashlight

Torch recommendation of TANK007 rechargeable flashlight


Torch recommendation of TANK007 rechargeable flashlight

Many Series of led flashlight especilly rechargeable flashlight of tank007 has been known as durable and high performance. However ,Outdoor sports enthusiast may feel confuse when face so many torches. Now let tank007 recommend some rechargeable flashlight for you according to different lighting application.

1.The reason you choose a rechargeable flashlight

Economical and powerful is the right answer. Tank007 rechargeable flashlight series has a big product line, it currently has 15 products. The price compare with the Tank007 Law Enforcement Flashlight and Tank007 emergency rescue flashlight is almost the same, but his performance is even more excellent.

In addition, TANK007 rechargeable flashlight can be charged up to 1,000 times that will save you a lot of money when you use it for 5 years. So, cost-efficient and powerful are two important advantages of tank007 rechargeable compare with the touch use disposable batteries.rechargeable flashlight of tank007, it is the the most economical and environmentally friendly to use beyond them.

2.How to choose a rechargeable flashlights in different for different lighting purposes.

If you are heading a distance place far away from home, a Lightweight small flashlight with compact size is definitely a wise  #1 choice,in this case,we recommend you tank007 uc17, 800 lumens,at low lighting modes can last or 30 hours.

UC17 USB Rechargeable Flashlight tank007

If you are a police or security guard wearing a uniform for law enforcement,tank007 UC19  with a big head and hidden USB charging flashlight achieving 240Lumens is your right option.UC19 is specially designed for law enforcement and outdoor camping, taking into account the intensity and illumination distance.

UC19 Hidden USB charging flashlight tank007

If your team are going to have a large scale outdoor searching, or earthquake rescue.then,we will recommend you TANK007 TR218, With high capacity battery pack ,and its brightness reaches 700 lumens,lasting for 130 hours.TR218 will be your suitable tool to win precious time.

tank007 TR218 Rechargeable Flashlight