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Three treasures for CAAC, flashlight is included

Three treasures for CAAC, flashlight is included


Baton, toolbox and flashlight are necessary for airplane maintenance, these three unimpressive stuffs are essential to airplane staff

What is baton? Figuratively speaking, baton is like the hands of traffic policeman, convey the information by simple and clear gestures. It’s the most directly way to communicate between the airplane working staff and the pilot. What gesture means the plane can taxi out, what gesture means keep taxing out… The plane can be stopped at the right position with these gestures. The aircraft ground safety rely on these gestures before and after the flying.

Don’t look down upon on this toolbox, it’s a gallery for airplane staff, every tool is useful: barometer which is used to check the tire’s barometric pressure, to make sure every tire is within the standard before flying; flat screwdriver and cross screwdriver aim to check some covers, like check the oil of the IDG; torque wench, not familiar by most people, which is usually used to measure the torque according to the requirement of the manual. Besides, wrenches, plum wrenches are needed in the toolbox for airplane staff to use whenever they need.

Flashlight is nearly forgotten in this electric era, but it’s airplane staffs’ best friend. There’s always night in a day, and always dark corners in working, flashlight earn its unshakeable position with its portable and convenience. From the normal flashlight with 1# battery to rechargeable flashlight with li-ion battery and led lamp, the flashlight is essential to airplane maintenance, let the safety problems hide nowhere with its light.