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TANK007 Tells You to Detect Leaks with UV Flashlight

TANK007 Tells You to Detect Leaks with UV Flashlight


detect leaks with UV flashlight
To most people, it is hard to find the leaks in air conditioner system with the naked eyes. But now, there is an easy way. With a UV flashlight, people can easily find the leaks within about a couple of hours. Why? This article will tell you how to detect leaks with UV flashlight from Tank007.
Fluorescent agents have reaction when they are under uv light. So, according to this feature, UV flashlight can help detect the leaks in the air conditioner system and other air, fluid systems.

How to Detect Leaks with UV Flashlight

Tank007 UV flashlights are among the best UV flashlights in the world. 365 nm and 395 nm flashlights are used most widely, and for checking leaks, 365nm one is recommended.
To check the leaks in the air conditioner system, you just need to add the fluorescent to the system and make it to circulate. Where there is a leak, the fluorescent will gather there, then, you can shoot the system with the UV flashlight. The spot where shine blue light is a leak.
Generally speaking, this process may need about two hours, but if the leak is too slight, the process may take longer for it takes long time for the fluorescent to gather in the leak spot.
More features of UV flashlight
1. Fluorescent agents detection
2. Mark and blood inspection, examination of crime scene.
3. Treasure and minerals searching, Antique appraisal
4. Gas leaks inspection
5. Ink curing and glue curing.
6. Counterfeit and banknotes distinguishing

So, after you read the features of UV flashlight, you should know the important of UV flashlight. If you find your air conditioner leaks but do not know how to find the leaking hole. Try Tank007 UV flashlight. It may give you some surprises. Aside from detecting leaks in air conditioner, you can also find leaks in other pipes, devices, and so on.