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Tank007 Super Bright Flashlight

Tank007 Super Bright Flashlight


Super bright flashlights

Super bright LED flashlight is a new energy solution for many kinds of lamps. These Brightest led mini flashlight are brighter and more energy efficient than ordinary watt lights, which means they can last longer. While these types of led flashlights seem to be slightly pensiver, it is best to keep in mind how long you need the flashlight to work before replacing the battery or light bulb. With the new wave of environmental protection, these lamps are one of the most popular options for conventional light bulbs. If you really like these LEDs, you can have anything in the winter from the regular bulb of the refrigerator to the holiday lights.

A super bright LED flashlights is really easy to get. Almost every hardware store sells these types of flashlights. If you do not accept the price, you can find the one that best suits your budget in another store. They can be used from camping to emergency use and so on. Many people are selling these LED flashlights, especially camping, because such flashlights are not likely to die due to long battery life.

Tank007 Super bright flashlights include various types such as mini serials, tactical series, etc. as many people take Super bright differently. For example, some say 200 lumen is super bright, while some think 2000 lumen flashlights are super bright flashlights.

Features of Tank007 Super Bright Flashlight
LED: Cree LED, lifespan up to 100,000 hours
Brightness: from 90lumens to 2000 lumens
Waterproof: IPX-7 or -8, which means, the flashlight can work under 1.5 m to 2m water
Anti-drop height: 1.5m
Material: Aircraft aluminum alloy.

Tank007 super bright flashlight recommended: RC11, 2000 lumen high power led torch, best for outdoor searching, police, camping, etc. This flashlight works by three 18650 batteries, and can last two hours at high light mode, 8 hours at 4oo lumen mode (middle), 20Lms – 60hours. For more details, go to: RC11 high power rechargeable flashlight

Other super bright led flashlight from Tank007 including PT40, CI03, TR01, TC07, etc.