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TANK007 Sounded the Horn of Becoming the First Brand in Outdoor Flashlight Area

TANK007 Sounded the Horn of Becoming the First Brand in Outdoor Flashlight Area


2016 is the first year of TANK007 brand . This year , TANK007 offercialy blew the horn of becoming first brand in outdoor flashlight area. The founder Ms. Shen Lijuan stated that in an interview with foreign media interview, TANK007, is not just operating a outdoor flashlight brand , but also is to promote more outdoor lifestyle , to promote the development of the outdoor industry, to allow more people to participate in outdoor sports.

16 years can not only make a person grow up from a baby to a handsome boy, but also make a simple small processing flashlight factory from a manual workshop develop into a professional flashlight.

Manufacturer with R&D,production and sales together.TANK007 was born in China ‘s reform and opening forefront — Shenzhen city 16 years ago and since then , TANK007 has not only witnessed the development of China and the world flashlight industry, but also witnessed TANK007 itself developed from scratch to gradually emerging in this industry.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal , TANK007 strengthen brand construction and pay attention to quality management at the same time. TANK007 flashlight focus on industry’s highest standards no matter in terms of R&D or production workmanship. In terms of design, TANK007 focus on originality. Regards to the characteristics of outdoor sports , TANK007 takes a variety of complex application areas into consideration, and continues technological innovation from product brightness, endurance , range, water-resistance , durable , in order to bring users excellent product experience and  meet users’  fulfilling outdoor life .

TANK007 flashlight takes the responsibility of the first outdoor flashlight brand, to provide users with advanced technology , top quality professional outdoor lighting products, to allow users to truly enjoy happy and carefree outdoor experience.