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TANK007 Self-defensive Flashlight

TANK007 Self-defensive Flashlight


self-defense flashlight

Strong light Flashlight has another name called self-defense flashlight, which is a kind of professional flashlight based on the flashlight and has a self-defense function. Now most of the flashlights are equipped with self-defense function. Highlights flashlight, also known as LED light flashlight, is a new lighting tool with light-emitting diode as a light source; it is powerful, durable, strong brightness. Strong light is most used self defensive function, by throwing the strong light to the offender’s eyes to make him blind temporarily so as to achieve the aim to protect us.

Whether it is in the field meet beasts like tiger, wolf, etc., or overtime work to the midnight and go back home alone, we can use the self-defensive flashlight to protect us.

In real life there are many such examples, there is a side in the small series: In the past, a female friend, she told me such a thing, she went to the evening school back when the night is also special Black, when she came home is actually quite terrible, but no way, but also to go. So she had the courage to own a light flashlight came back, at that time, she saw the front like someone, his own is a person, she felt very afraid, did not think that person has been toward her , This time my friend is very calm, she remembered the last time to buy a light flashlight, the salesman said that this flashlight can be self-defense, and later, my friend will do the same as that person, The light of the flashlight directly in the eyes of the unknown man’s eyes, and later, the man’s clutching his eyes, and may be strong eyes shining eyes, right at this time, my friend quickly ran back, Because of this, the light flashlight to save her once, did not expect the light flashlight is so practical it.

TANK007 friendly reminds you friends, self-defensive flashlight can hurt people’s eyes, in addition to their own security to provide protection, try not to mischievous direct flash people, and finally cause personal injury to others, so be sure to be carefully used.