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Tank007 — a reliable and rapidly developing flashlight brand in China

Tank007 — a reliable and rapidly developing flashlight brand in China


As the famous best flashlight brand and manufacturer, TANK007 attaches significant importance and value for brand building, after over ten years of development. The company has made remarkable attainments in sales and also, a boost in their investment in brand building, wherein the main goal is to improve the brand image.

After the Chinese movie star Wu Tiange joined TANK007 as the global spokesperson. TANK007 will work together with the most famous film star, Wu Tiange, in order to build an international high-end brand of  best flashlight. The actor has been a tough man and also a handsome, gorgeous SWAT on the screen and also, an advocate for community justice. He promotes social positive energy, and his popular image and temperament was well-matched with TANK007. His passion will continue to inspire millions of fans of TANK007 all over the world to struggle for excellence.

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Within the flashlight manufacturing industry, some movie stars turned to be spokesmen. In the present times, the torches of TANK007 covered policies flashlight series, outdoor searching series, tactical flashlight, cycling and diving, appraisal flashlight, purple flashlight, medical flashlight series, small portable flashlight series and a lot more. This year, the company would be focusing on outdoor flashlight for the second time in order to be the 1st brand for outdoor flashlight. His film “postern” started on May 6 in a network platform. Aside from that, TANK007 is a special sponsor for the movie titled “Down Time of Edge”. This movie is expected to be released in the courtyard line next year.

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The chairman of TANK007, Shen Lijuan, the whole second half in 2016, she would hasten the process of production of the plant so as to cope with the increase in the number of orders. She shifted to the core of Shenzhen marketing center, advertising center and the factory separated in order to effectively brand and manage marketing. The entire year 2016 would be a different and extraordinary year for the company. It will be on June 15 when Wu Tiange will meet his fans in the city of Shenzhen and after, TANK007 would sponsor the next film of Wu Tiange.

It is expected that this team up between Wu Tiange and TANK007 would be a success in the end. This collaboration is a major step for the company towards its success.