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Tank007 is Preparing A Movie Life in Blossom of Peach Blossom

Tank007 is Preparing A Movie Life in Blossom of Peach Blossom


Tank007 is a big brand in the flashlight industry in China. But you are wrong if you think it is just manufacturing and marketing flashlights, Tank007 is preparing a Micro- movie now! The movie name is Life in Blossom of Peach Blossom. This movie is prepared and shot by the Promotion Team. Now, the movie is in intense rehearsal, and will be released in April.

Shenzhen,Life in Blossom of Peach Blossom

This is another generation who want To Dance and Sing to Youth

Heavy luggage from the hometown, lonely struggling back, just like the Pianist in the sea who are seeking for individuality

This is the epitome of the young in Shenzhen, with restless youth, their mind looks like the sea, and do not want to see their youth be eroded by the repeating work. Their dream is brewing. They do not want to idle away time, but always on the way to dream ! Youth needs to blossom just in this Peach Garden! They are starring today!

Coming in April, stay tuned ! Tank007 team is always exploring and pursuing excellence..

This movie is about the youths who are fighting in Shenzhen, is aimed to praise this group of youth in Shenzhen.