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Tank007 Police Security LED flashlight

Tank007 Police Security LED flashlight


Police Security LED flashlight

From the name Police Security LED flashlight, we know that such king of flashlights is specially made for police. Yes, police flashlight is must bring equipment for the police on duty at night, such flashlight can provide high brightness lighting and can be used as weapon to fight against criminals.

Common features of Tank007 Police Security LED flashlight

The front of the attack head can lead to pain to conquer the criminal. Aviation aluminum alloy material, waterproof and anti-drop; lamp life of 100,000 hours; brightness: 130+ lumens. Continuous highlight lighting lasts more than 3 hours, repeated charging 1000 times.

Attack design, waterproof anti-pressure drop, and intelligent fast charge
Switch: head key switch. Click the switch when the light is low light. Need to switch light as long as the light switch can reach the tactical burst. The lighting modes are as followed: low light, strong light, burst.
Appearance: precise CNC machining, thickening anodized, dumb black
Lens material: imported high-quality UCL double coated lenses, good translucent performance
Function: low light, high light, burst flash three
Waterproof: fully sealed design, can be 1 m underwater operations, high hardness alloy shell, high and low temperature resistance, high humidity -proof performance, can be used in a variety of harsh environmental conditions.
Smart charging: Charger with chip control charging, with constant current, constant voltage charging, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, turn the lamp function, anti-backlash protection.

As for Tank007 most powerful Police Security LED flashlight, here, I would like to recommend RC11, which can emit 2000 lumens light. Some key features are as follow:

RC11 is a rechargeable flashlight with three high-power LED lights. It features in scientific design, exquisite workmanship; 400-meters throw beam and up-to-2000 Lumens. This flashlight is the best choice for police, searching, outdoor and camping use.
The top with an attack-head design is made of 304# stainless steel. This makes the flashlight more durable, practical, beautiful and also tactile appeal.
A charging port in the end is protected by a water-proof metal ring. Rotate the metal ring to cover the charging port when it is not charged. This can further protect the flashlights from water.