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Tank007 outdoor flashlight on Beijing ISPO exhibition

Tank007 outdoor flashlight on Beijing ISPO exhibition


On Set:Tank007 outdoor flashlight on Beijing ISPO exhibition  TANK007 carrying 2015 latest outdoor flashlight landed Beijing ISPO B1.531 booth.

The next day TANK007 show stand still very popular.

Sales share, common development
Less than 10:00, TANK007 show stand gather a large number of customers, wait to listen to outdoor product manager to share experiences, expect to learn from the successful experience to better product promotion and sales.
Currently, the annual sales of TANK007 flashlight at home and abroad in a substantial increase, what the charm of their flashlights, why their flashlight are so popular in US and European markets and the domestic market? TANK007 flashlight Product manager gives answer these questions one by one.
We make products that solve every day problems in innovative ways!
Even just one of our products can be used to solve many problems!
You will be surprised about how useful our products are after you own them!

TANK007 Creative ,everywhere
The most attractive products to visitors is TANK007 outdoor flashlight, TANK007 complete product line, covering outdoors, hunting, camping, hiking, exploring, etc., to meet consumer demand for all outdoor enthusiasts teenagers, with a strong outdoor style, but with a stylish design trend, high quality, high-value outdoor technology function, excellent appearance design to become the benchmark by the market and consumers.

ISPO BEIJING 2015 grand opening, takes you tour TANK007 stand to explore exciting, more exciting please pay attention: “Tank007 flashlight” micro-channel public number