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TANK007 leading outdoor flashlight brand

TANK007 leading outdoor flashlight brand


In the past 13 years, TANK007 not just deal in outdoor flashlight products, but also devote to popularize outdoor lifestyle and promote development of outdoor industry with joint effort of business counterparts.

    Flashlight derives from creative oriented and outdoor experience.

TANK007 flashlight has reached professional standard  in research、design and workmanship, on the material selection, TANK007 bring in excellent performance hi-tech top-level material; on the product design, TANK007 pay attention to originality; for outdoor lighting tools , to make sure the quality’s stability and reliability, it increased more functions, such as high brightness and long beam distance, good water-proof performances for diving, good battery life for hiking, these function allow customers to experience the outdoor more arbitrary.

Let more people participate in outdoor experience.

“Let more people participate in outdoor experience”, TANK007 has been fighting for outdoor dream for 13 years. Nowadays, simple leisure sports cannot fulfill urbanite’s relaxation requirement, more people are willing to try and walk into outdoor, what we need to do is provide them professional guide and equipment, so that they will know how to experience outdoor and enjoy outdoor.

Build china outdoor flashlight leading brand

Since TANK007 decide to build outdoor flashlight leading brand, it reflects a flashlight brand grown process from entrepreneurship determination to mature positioning. it reflects self-confidence of TANK007 flashlight brand team, when two or more gather, they never fail; for TANK007 flashlight brand team, it’s spur and motivation, it’s affirmation and self-love.