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Tank007 high power rechargeable UV led flashlight

Tank007 high power rechargeable UV led flashlight


As for UV led flashlight, I think people do not feel strange. UV flashlight refers to that kind of flashlights which use UV chip or UV LED as lighting source, and can emit ultraviolet light. Such flashlights feature many special functions.

Since many UV chips cannot by driven by li-ion battery, most UV flashlights use common AA OR AAA Battery instead of rechargeable ones. But some high power rechargeable UV led flashlights are exceptions.

Tank007 UV31 is such a high power rechargeable UV led flashlight. This flashlight is best for curing thanks for the powerful UV light. And, also, it can be used in other fields, say,

a.Check the leaks for air conditioner and automobile circulatory system
b. Mark and blood inspection, examination of crime scene.
c. Treasure and minerals searching, Antique appraisal
d. Ink curing and glue curing.
f. Counterfeit and banknotes distinguishing
g. Gas leaks inspection
h. Fluorescent reflection of special materials

Common use of High power rechargeable UV led flashlight

Detecting fluorescent agents is one of the most common uses of High power rechargeable UV led flashlight, here are two examples.

So are these violet flashlights really capable of detecting the fluorescent agent? Reporters with the market and online shopping several violet flashlight came to the City Product Quality Supervision Bureau, through the purple analyzer detection, items that contains fluorescent agent such as not wet urine, wet tissue, clothing and other items are showing a blue light, and Some better brands of paper towels shows white light under UV light.

It is understood that the fluorescent whitening, brightening effect, is widely used in textile, paper and washing and other fields, the relevant national standards also allow manufacturers to add a range of fluorescent agents. City Product Quality Supervision Bureau staff told reporters that the parameters of the purple flashlight can indeed detect clothing, paper and other items contain fluorescent agent.