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TANK007 High Power Rechargeable Police Torch Light

TANK007 High Power Rechargeable Police Torch Light


Police torch light is important to police. As an important torch light in the night to police, such kind of flashlights plays the role of a lighting tool and a weapon in emergence. As the manufacturing process developing, rechargeable police torches come to the market, among which, many Tank007 flashlights are popular. Here, this article will introduce some to you.

No. 1 TC18
TC18 is a multi-function police torch light. It comes with Cree LED with life time more than 100,000 hours. Quality aluminum body makes the flashlight hard and wearable. Powered by a 18650 battery, which can ensure long time lighting. In addition, with output port in the flashlight, this torch can also be used as a power bank to charge mobile devices.

Some detailed info of TC18
TC18 is an adaptable rechargeable flashlight which can adjust focus and has magnet in the tail, with small size, good for police , searching , outdoors , night riding , rescue, and other purposes ;
Both 1*18650 Li-particle battery and 3* AAA batteries can be utilized.
With the fluorescent green ring on the neck of the flashlight, you can easily find the flashlight easily at night.
Tail magnet feature makes hands free in outdoors and workplace, also makes it convenient for searching small metal objects. Focus function, enabling long-range spot light and wide-angle flood light.

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No.2 PT12
PT 12 is another portable police torch light. This flashlight can emit 800 lumen super bright light. This rechargeable torch is powered by an 18650 battery which can ensure the runtime from 1.5 hours to 10 hours.
1.PT12 is a high power rechargeable LED flashlight, with high brightness and medium body, it is good for police, searching, outdoors, nightly riding, and so on. 2.Relatively long burning time can meet your long time lighting need. 3.Specially designed stainless steel attack point can save you in emergency by broke glass, etc. 4.High-efficiency aluminum alloy reflector can produce perfect spot .>

PT12 High Power Rechargeable LED Flashlight


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