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Tank007 Flashlight Tells You Notes for Night Riding

Tank007 Flashlight Tells You Notes for Night Riding



In summer, the slow night breeze seems to have irresistible charm, tempt us to go out of the air-conditioned rooms, to feel that natural fun; and the night ride, no doubt is a very good way. Compared to riding during the day, if we want to ride the night happily we need to do more preparation, but also need to understand some basic knowledge of the night riding safety.


  1. Helmet

The right way to wear a helmet is substantially parallel to the brim with the eyebrows, not too high to bend, do not block the view too.

  1. Gloves

Do not covet cool feeling not to wear gloves, in addition to its cushioning and reducing scratching outside, the gloves can prevent your hands excessive sweating and slippery. Although it is night ride, but you know, in the very same summer night easily to be covered in sweat.

  1. Glasses

In summer, there are many mosquitoes and the like, which may hit your eyes when you are riding without wearing glasses. If your riding glasses is the kind of interchangeable lenses, remember to put on before leaving transparent lens, otherwise the whole world will be dark. Fully equipped not loaded to force, but to love yourself, and some riders do not have to feel embarrassed to wear!

  1. Let the lights perform their duties properly

Attached the white lights on the front, and the red lights installed at tail, or others may misunderstand your direction of travel and cause accidents from happening. In addition there are some riders feel it is unnecessary to install red light at the tail as they have installed reflecting sheet, but in fact most of the time, the initiative glowing taillights make drivers approaching from different angles aware of someone ahead earlier.

  1. Flashlight

If you are not riding with special headlight but the glare flashlight, then please do not turn on strobe mode, which is not for night riding. In addition, it is bad for seeing the road ahead. Furthermore, do not turn the flashlight too bright, or it may make the drivers ahead difficult to find you and cause accident.