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Tank007 Flashlight remind you typhoon attention is Coming

Tank007 Flashlight remind you typhoon attention is Coming


Tank007 Flashlight remind you typhoon attention to personal safety, according to the Shenzhen Meteorological weather forecast, Typhoon No. 15 this year, “Seagull” at 16:00 on the 15th is located about 817 km from Shenzhen of South China Sea, off China’s southeastern waters will wind waves, Guangdong coast, Guangxi coastal storm will be strong. Average wind will increase to more than 8, the city entered a typhoon alert.
Special remind you:

First, go and bring good rain gear, pay attention to shut doors and windows, turn off the power.

Second, check the doors and windows and glass house for damage, if any loose or cracked, please early pull inside in advance.

Third, check and tied tightly easily be blown into the object, the balcony outdoor flower pots, mops and other items moved indoors, to prevent blown assault.

Fourth, wind, rain and try not to stay in the vicinity of the glass doors and windows, to avoid danger.

Five, slippery rain, low visibility, driving slowly careful note.

Six, in case of lightning please turn off home appliances power to prevent lightning damage to appliances, meanwhile, prepared to lighting tools needed to prepare for unexpected power outages.