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Tank007 E09 world’s smallest gift mini flashlight features

Tank007 E09 world’s smallest gift mini flashlight features


Speaking of the mini flashlight, if you still think of the old light bulb flashlight, then the flashlight of the previous home is wrong. Now the flashlight can do very well. Tank007 is a 17-year flashlight manufacturer and witnessed it. Modern led flashlights from scratch, from the process to the fine. The development of flashlights has become more and more detailed. There are flashlights for outdoor use, flashlights for jade, gift mini flashlights, identification flashlights, criminal detectives, etc. The more powerful it is. Today I will introduce you to the super mini flashlight tank e09.

How long is the led flashlight? 25 cm? 20 cm? These mini flashlights are available, but have you seen a mini flashlight with only 7 cm? Then you will see the world’s smallest mini flashlight today – tank007 e09 mini flashlight .

1.Tank007 E09 mini flashlight is the main gift of Tank007 R & D, mini flashlight, E09 mini flashlight design is short and exquisite, with keychain can be hung on the keychain, making it more convenient for you to take a flashlight.

2, as the material of tank007 mini flashlight, aviation aluminum alloy is essential, tank007 e09 mini led flashlight is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy material, with ultra-light weight and super-sturdy appearance.

3, as a portable mini flashlight, must have a strong endurance is also essential, tank007 e09 circuit using tank007 patented design circuit, in addition to stability, constant brightness, the biggest feature is power saving, An ordinary AAA battery can last up to 18 hours.

4, e09 mini led flashlight is waterproof design, in order to ensure the overall sealing, abandon the traditional physical switch, using a reliable head rotation to control the battery touch switch to control the flashlight switch. You can control the three brightness modes through the head rotation force, so that you can cope with it in different complex environments.

After reading these introductions, would you be surprised by the design of this mini flashlight? If you like, please contact us to buy it.