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Tank007 forensic 365nm uniform light CSI torchlight even blacklight
Specilized black filter lens
10000μW/cm²(15cm away)>1470μW/cm²(38cm away)
IPX7 waterproof
NDT and Leaks Detection
Leaks detection of oil & gas tubes
Leaks detection of circulatory system and air conditioning
Non-destructive testing of equipment, machine, engines.
Machine Cleaning & Degreasing
Industrial machines chemical cleaning and oil flushing
CSI and Forensics
Trace detection of blood,fingerprints,hairs,semen,urine, semen,
saliva in crime scene investigations and forensic analysis, etc.
UV Curing
Curing of adhesives,inks,glues,coatings,adhesives,etc.
Conservation, Preservation and Restoration
Detect cracks and repairs in antiques, porcelain, artworks, paintings, etc;
Anti-counterfeit detection and determine the age of marble, jade, stones, ivory and clock faces.