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TANK007 222nm Sterilizing Door

TANK007 222nm Sterilizing Door



1. Sterilizing door – harmless to the body

With the technology “222nm” of Japan, It is a new UV equipment by combining 222nm excimer lamp with special filter. It retains 222nm ultraviolet light, which can kill viruses and bacteria, while blocking wavelengths above 230nm that are harmful to human body. In this case, It retains bactericidal functions and can be used in a human environment, which a conventional 254nm mercury lamp cannot be achieved.

2. Quick disinfection in 3-5 seconds per person, low cost

Through the arrangement of multi-light source modules, can be comprehensive radiation of 360 degree. It takes 3-5 seconds only for disinfection, and the cost of each person is as low as 0.02 USD.

3. Safety feature with smart alerts and settable sensor

To remind people approved by external LED screen, it is full automation disinfection.

In addition, equipped with infrared sensor, it can be changed to two modes of conventional elimination and induction elimination.

4. Convenient operation and maintenance

Modular operation and maintenance installation, convenient and fast.

5. Specification

Light source module222nm
Wavelength200nm-230nm , peak 222nm
UV intensity16.2mW/c㎡@50mm;5.4mW/c㎡@100mm
VoltageAC 220V
SwitchPhysical switch as well as infrared sensor
SizeInner size:80*50*200cmExternal size:92*50*230cm

6. Application

Especial for Entrance-exit of populated areas, such as Departure security checkpoints, Public transport security checkpoints,Entrance-exit of Exhibition center/convention center and other events.

Tank007 222nm Sterilizing Door smart alerts infrared sensor disinfection door