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TANK007 bike flashlight makes the night ride safer

TANK007 bike flashlight makes the night ride safer


Using TANK007 bicycle flashlight makes the night ride safer cycling and is a kind of the low carbon environmental protection exercise good method. but at night it’s difficult for the security protection.An important equipmentof night riding , the choice of the bicycle light is very important.Bicycle light is also in recent years in the bicycle becomes a carefree tool to be discovered and developed into a professional bike lights.In front of the professional bike lights out, a lot of people like to use strong light flashlight as a lighting tool, companies have a dedicated to the production will be strong light flashlight device fixed on the bike, still a lot of people are using this device fixed strong light flashlight as lighting tools.

Most of the strong light flashlights use 1*18650 battery, according to its seismic performance requirements is not high, fixed cell device is spring. Fixed spring problem is that encountering a shocker may contact with the battery bad from time to tome, causing jumping gears (a friend met a flashlight jumping gears suddenly put out when riding bumps on the road ).
The requirement of riding lighting at night is better floodlight, light.It does not require very far, but to illuminate a large,but low beam and should be obvious by the line, not to interference to the car, the requirement of equipment is high seismic performance. Because cycling is likely to encounter rough roads, bumpy, if seismic performance is not good, came to a sudden jump file, it is easy to produce risk.It may be used in the environment of the heavy rain, so be sure certain waterproof performance.