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TANK007 222nm Ceiling Lamp

TANK007 222nm Ceiling Lamp



1. Ceiling Lamp– harmless to the body

With the technology “222nm” of Japan, It is a new UV equipment by combining 222nm excimer lamp with special filter. It retains 222nm ultraviolet light, which can kill viruses and bacteria, while blocking wavelengths above 230nm that are harmful to human body. In this case, It retains bactericidal functions and can be used in a human environment, which a conventional 254nm mercury lamp cannot be achieved.

2. Simple design in harmony with space 

The square ceiling lamp design with imitated ceiling inserts specifications, it can stay together with ceiling’s surface, natural integration but not prominent. In addition, it can be connected with the circuitry of normal floodlight to aviod the large area reconstruction.

3. Many kinds of optional operating mode and Sensor safety features

With inner Infrared sensor of lamp, it has many different modes such as long time, timing and human environment induction irradiation. In this case, it can be flexible adjusted according to different demands.

4. With accumulative working hoursfunction, the indicator of ceiling lamp will light up once the module is closing to working lifespan.

PS: Lifespan is 3000 hours around (It will take about 2-3 year to replace while it is using used in an unattended environment.)

5. Specification 

Light source module222nm
Wavelength200nm-230nm,peak 222nm
UV intensity2.7mW/c㎡@50mm;0.9mW/c㎡@100mm
VoltageAC 220V
SwitchPhysical switch as well as infrared sensor

6. Application

Enclosed Spaces in public places, hospitals, conference rooms, shops, restaurants, etc