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Tank007 Tells You Something About High Power Flashlight

Tank007 Tells You Something About High Power Flashlight


high power flashlight

Different people may take high power differently, for example, some may think flashlights that can produce 200 lumen light are high power flashlight; while some may think that can emit 500 lumen light are high power. What is your opinion?

No matter what high power refers to, high power flashlights are quite bright. In the market, most high power flashlights are made of aluminum, do you know why? Here, I will walk you through the reasons.

  1. For dissipating heat. If the flashlight is high power, the brighter the light is, the more power it consumes, and more heat it generated. If the heat is not dissipated, the flashlight’s life will be shorten. After all, heat ruins LED.
  2. For hard surface. If the flashlight is made of plastic, it would be easy to get scratched, even broken when dropped. In addition, dense oxide protective film on the aluminum can protect the surface from corrosion and rusty.
  3. For good appearance. Definitely, the aluminum flashlights more exquisite than the plastic ones.


Tips to Choose High Power Flashlights

Different flashlights are used for different purposes. So, before you choose a bright flashlight, you need to know something different.

For example, if you need a household flashlight, a cree bright flashlight is enough, proper size, portable, suitable for long-lasting lighting flashlight. It is the preferred strong torch for household.

High power flashlights are mainly used for outdoor activities, such as, outdoor searching. Before you choose such kind of flashlights, you’d better note the points below.

  1. LED determines the life of the flashlight. The better the LED is, the longer the flashlight’s life would be.
  2. Flashlight material. As said above, you’d better choose an aluminum –made flashlight.
  3. Do not choose the batteries that marks 4000mAh or above. In fact, an 18650 battery’s capacity is about 2000-2600mAh.