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Small flashlight/portable flashlights/rechargeable flashlight introduce of TANK007

Small flashlight/portable flashlights/rechargeable flashlight introduce of TANK007


pt10 tank007 PT10 tank007

If you need small flashlight or keychain flashlight, tank007 MINI series can meet your lighting needs.The E09 led mini keychain flashlight which has become fashionable for a long time, and only for $18.8, it’s your good choice.However, even such a good flashlight E09, it still has its shortcomings,and some careful users can find these defects with time by.Sometimes i do recommend for my friend the other flashlight M20 of TANK007, just for $27. In addtion PT10 is also a nice small flashlight.They are more cost-effective.

led mini flashlight keychain for portable reason it’s always been small size, and generally limited not with charging function. Rules is working that only small electric merchandise like led flashlights cost a low price while large size and higher brightness flashlight, generally means higher price.the good news is even small flashlight can also be waterproof and impact-’s very important for small flashlight to has a longer burning time with the same battery. By the way,as for a spare light source, so the brightness does not require very high.

A powerful rechargeable flashlight should have following qualities: manageable size, a long-lasting LED bulb, waterproof for at least IPX-6 and shock resistance,long beam distance, multiple modes.

Rechargeable flashlights are currently the most popular in this field. First of all crank flashlight is  environment friendly, secondly,it save a lot of money for batteries, finally it save the time and energy you go out to buy batteries. Rechargeable flashlight is a classic series of TANK007.

The new UC17 cost only $50,boasting 800 lumens,it is so powerful to illuminate up an entire room. Also UC17 up to 300 meters for beam distance, amazing portable flashlight suitable for riding, outdoor camping and searching. Charging with indicator function, red is not full of electricity, green represents a full charge. UC17 has memory function to memorize the last a word ,TANK007 UC17 can meet the requirement of high power lighting.

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