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  1. TC18 is a high power and brightness LED flashlight. It features focusing, directly charging, and magnet. This flashlight is designed and manufactured according to Chinese police flashlight standard, and is best for military, police, outdoor searching and rescuing, camping, vehicle and machines maintenance and repair, and so on
  2. TC18 can concentrate light to throw long beam as well as light close in wide angle
  3. The equipped signal diffuser can turn the flashlight to a signal lamp easily
  4. With the white diffuser, TC18 can be used as a table lamp for repair, camping, and so on.
  5. Thanks to the magnet in the tail, TC18 can easily be fixed when users need to repair vehicles, machines, elevator, etc..
  6. Attack head can be used for self-defense in emergency, which can easily break automotive glass.
  7. This flashlight is specially added fluorescent silicone ring so that is can be easily found in darkness
  8. No need of removing battery for charging for it support directly charging and charging in the car.
  9. This TC18 is also a power bank which can charge mobile phones, cameras, and other products
  10. With battery box, this flashlight can use three AAA batteries as power source
  11. Five modes to adjust the lighting type can meet different lighting needs











Lamp: XPG-2 LED, pure white light

Lifespan: 80000 hours

Brightness: 350lumen

Input: 3-4.5V

Modes: 5 modes (high-medium-low-strobe-SOS)

Battery: 1*18650 Li-ion battery or 3*AAA batteries

Beam distance: 300 meters

Spot: adjustable

Waterproof level: IPX-8

Anti-drop height: 1.5m


Material: made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum T6061

Surface: hard anodizing

Color: black

Size: 14.5cm (length), 3.5cm (head diameter), 2.7cm (body diameter)

Weight: 148g (not include battery)


How to Use

  1. Unscrew the tail
  2. Put into proper battery, make sure the positive pole to point to the head

Switch on: when the light is off, press the switch on the head, the lamp will turn on

Switch off: when the light is on, press the switch on the head, the lamp will turn off


  1. Use high quality battery
  2. This flashlight is quite bright, therefore, do not directly shine it to eyes in case of hurt
  3. Do not expose flashlight to sunshine, water, chemicals and corrosive gas long, in case of ruin the protective layer on the flashlight
  4. Please change and lubricate the O-ring to ensure the waterproof performance periodically.
  5. Please add petrolatum to the screw two or three times per year to ensure the screw work smoothly.
  6. When you need to clean the flashlight, please use soft brush and alcohol
  7. Please remove the battery if you do not use the flashlight for a long time in case the battery corrupts.
  8. Do not dispatch the flashlight if you do not kwon enough expert knowledge, in case of break the PCB



Free repair during the first 12 months except man-made damage; paid repair life time.