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Tank007 Flashlight-Your Good Helper for Seeking Treasure Adventures

Tank007 Flashlight-Your Good Helper for Seeking Treasure Adventures


Some people love seeking treasure adventures now. You may step into the rich one night if you are one of such people. But it is dangerous all the time. Most treasure were keep in the unknown places, where is dangerous now. So, you need good tool to help you.

Here, we will not discuss professional tools like compass, hand shovel, shovel archeology, general exploration shovel mud (sets) probe shovel, shovel ash piles, borehole shovel, brush and shovel explore various models, a variety of professional archaeological tools combined archaeological probes, the tomb was paracentesis with professional tools — T-shaped probes, as well as high-tech archeology tools – metal detector, for such professional tools can be purchased from some special shops. We just discuss flashlight and headlamp here.

When you go to seek treasure and adventures, you will have to work at night sometimes. Then you need light. Headlight and flashlight are necessary. Headlamp can free your hands, and flashlight is more flexible.

So, is a common flashlight enough? I do not think so. Generally speaking, a common flashlight do not have Strobe or SOS mode, which are important when you are in danger. The strobe mode can make the suspicious animal or guy blind in a while and help you win time to escape. The SOS mode is used to make yourself seen by the rescue team in the air or far away.

Tank007 tactical flashlights are good for seeking treasure adventures. With 186502 battery, Tank007 tactical flashlights can last long after one full charge. And the most of them have five modes: Low-Medium-Bright-Strobe-SOS, so, they can meet different needs when you are outside.

More tips

How to identify the treasure you find

There are various tools you can identify treasures, but among which, UV flashlight is a good tool. Tank007 uv flashlights including 365nm, 395nm, 1W, 3W, and 5W flashlights. You can use such flashlights to identify ancient jades, and other treasures.