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Rechargeable Flashlight, Your Emergency Kit

Rechargeable Flashlight, Your Emergency Kit


Rechargeable flashlight is not a good type of light source, but also an important emergency kit.

To some homes, a rechargeable flashlight is important. In some areas and countries, power supply is not stable, so, a rechargeable flashlight is necessary for people there.

To be a lighting source. When the power supply stops, people have to use other lighting source. Rechargeable flashlight is a good choice. Such flashlight features high brightness, and long burning time. You can also use those flashlights that use dry cells, but you need to spend much money on the batteries. In addition, dry cells cannot last long if you need high brightness.

To be an important emergency kit. Aside from being a necessary lighting tool, flashlight can save people’s life in emergency, therefore, to some content, flashlight is a necessary emergency preparedness to every home. But not all rechargeable flashlights can up to this job. Here is why.

Take earthquake as an example. If the earthquake happens at night, and some people are buried. A dim light may make them seen by the rescue team. But how long the flashlight need to last? As is said by scientists, most people can survival three days without water or food, which means, the flashlight need to be able to burn at least 72 hours. So, a rechargeable flashlight for emergency needs to have these features:

1. Low light mode is available

2. The battery can last at least 72 hours at the low mode

Technology has certainly changed from those early days. Longer life batteries, brighter light bulbs and even battery less flashlights have become the norm. Your choices have never been greater. Now rechargeable flashlights have taken the position of old dry cell battery flashlights. Having a flashlight is important and knowing which type of light will work best for you will eliminate unnecessary frustration in the future.