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Most Professional Fishing Flashlight for Night-fishers !

Most Professional Fishing Flashlight for Night-fishers !


Nowadays, many people love fishing at night when they are free. TANK007 has a specialized fishing flashlight especially for those who love fishing. But if you want to be an excellent fisher, it’s very necessary for you to get some profeesional fishing tools, including fishing light.


This fishing flashlight model is F3. F3 adopts igh power 15w LED. Besides, it can be zoomable and focusable. You can adjust the light in flood and spot light condition.

It has 3 three colours: white-yellow-blue. White light is for lighting. Yellow light is for againist foggy weather and identifying the fish type. Blue light is for luring the fish and atching the floats. It sells very hot on fishing market, good for luring the fish, with multi-functional tripod equipped, very convinent.