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Precautions for using high-power 365nm UV flashlight

Precautions for using high-power 365nm UV flashlight


Compared with portable mini UV flashlights, high-power 365nm UV flashlights have the characteristics of high UV intensity, long irradiation distance, and large radiation area. However, there are some things you need to pay attention to when using high-power 365 purple light flashlights to avoid accidental injuries and extend life.

The 365nm purple light flashlight is a UVA long-wave ultraviolet flashlight. When we use high-power UV flashlights, we must first avoid exposing the naked eye to UV flashlights for a long time, because human eyes can make the vitreous of the eyes cloudy after receiving a large dose of UV rays, causing vision loss.

The manufacturer of ANK007 UV flashlight reminds you that you must wear professional anti-UV glasses when using high-power UV lamps.

It is worth mentioning that we cannot use ordinary sunglasses to replace special protective glasses. This is because although sunglasses can prevent direct ultraviolet rays from the front, they cannot block ultraviolet rays radiated from the side because they have no brow ridges.

Therefore, wearing professional UV goggles can completely block strong UV rays. In addition, human skin cannot be exposed to high-power LED365nm ultraviolet flashlight for a long time.

Even if workers or patients already wear myopia glasses, they need to wear professional UV goggles on this basis.

Since the ultraviolet light waves emitted by high-power ultraviolet flashlights are invisible, in order to prevent the human body from being exposed to ultraviolet radiation, when using handheld or fixed ultraviolet flashlights or ultraviolet lamps, staff on the side should also try to wear anti-ultraviolet protective gear. .

The penetration ability of ultraviolet rays is very poor. Long-wave ultraviolet rays can only reach the human skin when exposed to exposed skin. If you wear work clothes during operation, the ultraviolet rays will not reach the skin. Therefore, operating this ultraviolet lamp will not cause any harm to pregnant women and women.

Maintenance of high-power 365 UV flashlight

High-intensity and high-power UV flashlights will also experience UV attenuation over time. TANK007 UV flashlight engineers recommend that when our high-power LED UV flashlight lamps are used for 30,000-50,000 hours, it is time to consider replacing the UV LED light source.

When repairing high-power purple lamps, anti-static treatment must be done, because the working voltage of LEDs is very low, and the electrostatic voltage of the human body will breakdown the LEDs.

Users should not repair UV flashlights without permission. The best way is to contact the manufacturer’s local after-sales service or send it back to the manufacturer for repair.

Daily use of high-power UV flashlight requires good maintenance, such as regularly scrubbing the front transparent part of the UV flashlight to ensure that its light transmittance will not be affected. In addition, please do not use the high-power 365 UV flashlight for a long time in an environment with humidity exceeding 70%.

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