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Tank007 Police Security LED Torch Light

Tank007 Police Security LED Torch Light


Police Security LED Torch Light

Police security LED torch light refers to a special kind of flashlight that made for police. Such kind of flashlights needs to be Bright, hard, a little big, and durable.

Firstly, Bright. Police security LED torch light is necessary at night when police is on duty. So, a bright light is needed to provide enough light. Only in this condition, police can find and track criminals effectively.

Secondly, hard. As is known to all, police often need to fight against criminals. If a flashlight is fragile, then, it would be easy to broken. So, a police security LED torch light should be hard enough to resist impact.

Thirdly, big. A police security LED torch light cannot be too small. Generally speaking, those which is powered by one or two 18650 li-ion batteries are best for police.

Fourth, durable. A patrol flashlight need to work for hours, so, a police security LED torch light need to be durable, or rather, it should be able to last at least 3-4 hours at middle light mode.

The four features are important to a police security flashlight. In addition, Tank007 police flashlight include some other features, say,

Attack design, waterproof anti-pressure drop, and intelligent fast charge
Switch: head key switch. Click the switch when the light is low light. Need to switch light as long as the light switch can reach the tactical burst. The lighting modes are as followed: low light, strong light, burst.
Appearance: precise CNC machining, thickening anodized, dumb black
Lens material: imported high-quality UCL double coated lenses, good translucent performance
Function: low light, high light, burst flash three
Waterproof: fully sealed design can be 1 m underwater operations, high hardness alloy shell, high and low temperature resistance, high humidity -proof performance, can be used in a variety of harsh environmental conditions.
Smart charging: Charger with chip control charging, with constant current, constant voltage charging, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, turn the lamp function, anti-backlash protection.