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Outdoor wizard-Tank007 led torch TR08

Outdoor wizard-Tank007 led torch TR08


Tank007 TR08 is a special designed torch for outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, adventure etc., it adopts Cree T6 max 1000 lumen, uses 2*18650 batteries, last for 240 hours, meet the demand of high brightness and long battery life. It adopts the first patent of Tank007, easy to adjust the brightness and distance, meet the demands of different requirements of angles; could adjust the brightness in any modes with the help of the tail button switch, it satisfies the individual need of lighting. In addition, customized high quality hostlers for outdoor torches could easily pack the torch, backup battery and diffuser to make it easier for you to enjoy the outdoor activities.


Torch is probably the most normal and the first lighting tool that came into your mind, it is easy to operate with cheap price, it’s essential for walking in the night, camping and so on.