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Outdoor flashlights are good for Travel fans usually take

Outdoor flashlights are good for Travel fans usually take


Travel fans usually take outdoor flashlight for explore caves. The outdoor flashlight to explore caves of long-range shooting ability need to have a certain strength.Close range in the floodlight also have a certain strength.It is not easy to do in the past.Now,300 lumens CREE R5 relative to the previous 230 lumens Q5 LED,bring not only more than 100 lumens but also greatly strengthened.Some friends may think its concentrated long shots slightly inferior in Q5 XRE leds, however, on the TK737 outdoor flashlight with high temperature vacuum plating mirror aluminum alloy under the action of reflective cup of concentrated, R5 LED his shooting ability is also quite common.XPG LED comes, both of which requirement implementation becomes feasible.

Travel fans also recommend TK737 with the characteristics of outdoor flashlight: strong, high brightness, waterproof, in terms of irradiation effects, best can reach the balance of condenser and floodlight effects, concentrated,which can meet the needs of distant range.As for floodlight, it meets the needs of close range in the broad field of vision.A lot of flashlight concentrated long shots, but if too concentrated, it is often difficult to juggle floodlight.In this way, It will lead to close range in the narrow field of vision, can’t see the surrounding environment.