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Outdoor Flashlight Choice

Outdoor Flashlight Choice


The outdoor sports increasingly high demands on the lighting tool, different outdoor activities, to the outdoor flashlight requirements are also different, such as search requires high brightness, radiation far, diving needs good waterproof performance, hiking need better endurance and good floodlight etc.. Therefore we can point the following to discuss how to choose appropriate outdoor flashlight. Suitable outdoor flashlight, outdoor activities can make more safety, more wonderful.


1.the performance is stable enough Requirements for outdoor exercise on a lighting tool is “readily available, functional enough”, lighting tools of poor reliability, unable to work at a critical moment is fatal, the most serious may lead to life-threatening. Therefore, high reliability is the most important principle to choose the outdoor lighting tool. Stable quality and good environmental adaptability is outdoor flashlight purchase need to consider first.


2.the waterproof performance is better Relative to ordinary families, outdoor flashlight needs first to solve the problem of waterproof, waterproof standard reassuring the IPX-8 of course, soaking in shallow water (usually 2 meters) can be used normally, of course against rain would be nothing difficult, in a sense, also belongs to the content of waterproof outdoor reliability. Outdoor flashlight often have a good sealing performance, with multiple waterproof apron protection, to ensure the waterproof ability enough.


3.very convenient to carry Outdoor flashlight to as much as possible and easy to carry, carry out does not increase the weight, save energy, general personal outdoor flashlight best control in 100 grams. Strong outdoor flashlight is not suitable too large, weight of the proposed control in 200 grams.


4.ordinary batteries and can save electricity The best outdoor flashlight can be used at all over the world, even small village stores to buy batteries, have this feature in most cases the ideal cell is AA cell. If use buy inconvenient battery, before departure, according to the circumstances, to prepare enough battery. The bright flashlight usually adopts the rechargeable lithium battery 18650 power, strong continuous lighting time is usually 2.5 hours, this requires us to the need to bring a spare battery. At the same time, in the actual use of the process, the appropriate choice of light or dim light is beneficial to extend the flashlight illumination time. In addition, also can consider to choose to use multi cell battery flashlight, so that longer life.


5.the operation of a plurality of gears Many primary outdoor flashlight friends, always feel a gear flashlight operating too complicated. In fact, outdoor flashlight with multi shift is very necessary, has the strong light, weak light, flashing function must be at least. Single stall of the flashlight is not flexible enough, with light or dim light flashlight, can timely switch, that contribute to the heat, but also conducive to prolonged illumination flashlight. The best there is a low light file can reach tens of hours to prepare a flashlight, and in extreme cases can continuously for more than a week night lighting. Multi speed adjusting light technology, the brightness and duration of the fish and bear’s paw with a flashlight. You can choose the most suitable brightness in the camp, hike, search for different purposes such as, at the same time reasonably to save valuable energy. At the same time, multiple files dimming technology has produced many auxiliary functions, such as the SOS distress signal, danger can send a Moss code, to search and rescue people.


6.high brightness and constant Outdoor environment is complex, there is no guarantee that you will encounter what situation, on the need for high brightness lighting, and a flashlight but ambition, this is dangerous. At the same time, the long-range lights in an emergency, can also make it easier for people found. Therefore, a high brightness of the flashlight lighting is essential tools, especially to explore unfamiliar road, the highest brightness torch best over 200 lumens, lighting distance of 100 meters. In the work at the same time, the battery with voltage and energy consumption is low, the brightness of conventional flashlight also decreased, lighting effect gradually becomes poor, such as flashlight brightness is reduced to a certain extent has been unable to provide proper lighting, only the replacement of the battery, and then often battery and small half the power, so this part of electricity wasted. Bright degree constant technology to solve this problem, change the constant bright flashlight can ignore the battery voltage, providing brightness almost constant in most of the time, not only improve the lighting effect, at the same time, make full use of every power battery.