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Note of Using 365nm and 395nm UV flashlights

Note of Using 365nm and 395nm UV flashlights


395nm and 365nm Ultraviolet flashlight is a very powerful UV flashlight, Note of Using UV flashlights is most important.UV flashlight also known as ultraviolet flashlight, is an invisible light source, the general ultraviolet light wavelength of 365nm and 395nm. Not only can be used to identify the true and false bills, but can also use this flashlight to check whether the daily necessities contain fluorescent agents. It can be said that the UV flashlight is a good helper. Attention should be paid to the following items when using UV flashlight.

At present, more and more people begin to use UV flashlight, to understand the use of UV flashlights on the use of attention matters is very necessary, and then TANK007 to introduce the UV flashlight in the use of the attention of the process.

1. Pay attention to isolation in use

Even if it is a powerful ultraviolet disinfection lamp, it is safe to isolate people and animals and plants from ultraviolet rays when they are used to leave the scene.

The solid wall, even the glass wall with isolation in the laboratory, can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation, and the room will not be irradiated by ultraviolet radiation. Of course, if you feel uneasy, you can wait for a few minutes.

If the old type of ultraviolet disinfection instrument which is used to produce ozone by ionizing air is used, it is recommended that windows be ventilated and air reentrated after disinfection.

2. Separation of attention from ordinary lamps

UV flashlight and ordinary flashlight, violet light and fluorescent lamp, UV and lamp. It must be separated.

If schools, hotels and other public places have installed UV disinfection lamps, it is recommended that lamps and switches be installed separately from ordinary fluorescent lamps to avoid misuse.

3. No direct eye and skin.

Some Internet posts and shopping reviews were posted by netizens. They used UV and had eye discomfort or itching. The reason is that they are exposed to ultraviolet radiation in their use.

Many mothers use UV flashlight to irradiate children in their children’s clothes, or to direct their children’s bodies after bathing and washing their hands, to check whether there is a fluorescent agent, the children’s eyes and skin will be exposed to ultraviolet light. The consequences are very dangerous. It is suggested that all mothers stop this “real life test”. Yes.

TANK007 probe AA01 is a professional ultraviolet flashlight, the use of imported ultraviolet LED beads, accurate band, with UV accurate black lenses, pure light without impurities, only a AA battery can be lit, power access is very convenient. It can be widely used in jewelry antiques identification, anti-counterfeiting detection, fluorescence detection and so on.

The use of the flashlight of UV flashlight is probably core, as long as the use of UV flashlight in the process of the use of this flashlight, the use of attention, then it will be found that this flashlight will bring a lot of action and convenience, better convenient life and work.

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