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Tank007 New Rechargeable Flashlight UC16 Released

Tank007 New Rechargeable Flashlight UC16 Released


Recently, we release a new mini rechargeable flashlight UC16. With the lower price, this flashlight will be accepted and loved by more users.

About UC16

UC16 is a high power USB rechargeable LED flashlight, which can be charged with universal micro USB cable It comes with a charging indicator. When the flashlight is charging, the red light flashes; when it is fully charged, the green one lights up Click switch in the head, which only needs one hand to operate, press to turn on the flashlight Anti-reverse feature frees you from worrying about installing battery incorrectly to do harm to the flashlight
UC16 flashlight is best for hiking, cycling, camping, and other outdoor activities. In addition, it is also a good police flashlight.
Powered by an 18650 Li-ion battery, this flashlight can last 2.5 hours at high light mode, so, it can meet long time lighting need.
IPX-6 waterproof grade allows the flashlight to use under rainy days free.

Price and availability
Now, the new product has been given competitive promotional price, welcome to inqury.

Detailed specs


Lifespan Over 50,000 hours
Max brightness  700 lumens
Effective beam distance  250m
Input  3.0-4.5V
Modes  Three modes, high-low-strobe-off(enter in turns), long press to enter SOS mode at any mode
Charging  DC5V-500mA (Red light flashes when charging, green one gets on when charge completes)
Power source  1*18650 Li-ion battery
Running time  high-2 hours
Size(cm)  12.5(length)x2.55(body diameter)x3.25(head diameter)
Weight(g) 104 (not include battery)
Switch  click switch at head
Shell material  Aircraft grade aluminum T6061
Reflector  High temperature vacuum coated aluminum mirror reflector
Lens  Toughened optical lens
Treatment  Premium hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Anti-drop height  1.5m
Color  Black
Accessories Lanyard, 1*18650 Li-ion battery, Micro USB cable