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What do You Need when You Go Cycling Tourism

What do You Need when You Go Cycling Tourism


Now, many people love to go cycling with friends for a short or long trip. Here is a list of kits you may need when go cycling.


1, Helmet: Required to save your life when things go wrong; lots of riders have teach us lessons with their blood.


2, Sunglasses/ wind-proof glasses: Required, when riding in direct sunlight for a long time, your eyes may get hurt without protection; in addition, if you do not ware glasses, your eyes are exposed to mosquitoes, insects, etc.


3, Scarf: very useful, mainly proof road dust, dirt when riding on countryside road; in addition, it can also wipe sweat, be used as hat and patch while sleeping, and so on;


4, Riding clothes: not so important, you can also carry with quick-dry clothes.


5, Backpacks: Useful, but do not put heavy objects on the bag,;or you may be hit again and again when you on a slippery slope.


6, Water cup holder + kettle: Required, you’d better get a durable water cup holder and a BPA-free kettle.


7, Stopwatch: Optional, easy to know how long you have rode, and whether your speed is improved. This is a good way to motivate you to continue riding.


8, Compass: Required, especially when you step into the unknown


9, Bar end: essential, protect your palm in long riding


11, Taillights: important when riding at night


12, Flashlight: Required, you need a flashlight that can throw a big spot ahead you to ensure your safety when riding at night.


13.Head Light: Optional, and better to use together with a flashlight at night, flashlight can light up your front, headlamp can light up other directions;


13, Heart rate monitor: Optional, you can track the strength of the own entire cycling process, easy to understand and make scientific training programs;


14, Foot support: optional, more convenient if you have;


15. Fender: Optional, anti-water when it rains.


16, Leggings belt: Required, keep your trousers away from the chain


17, Repair tools and spare inner tube tire repair tools, spare brake pads: long distances required; 23, Poncho: required in long distances;


24, GPS: optional, better to have one;


25, Whistle: Optional, often useful in emergency, can be a horn,and so on.


26. Gloves: Needless to say, a must. You need a good pair of gloves to protect your hands from sun, from cold, etc.