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Tank007 Micro Torch Light LED Flashlight

Tank007 Micro Torch Light LED Flashlight


Micro torch light LED flashlight is popular now, thanks to the small body, such kind of mini flashlight is especially popular among kids and girls.

When we talk about micro torch, we often refer to that kind of flashlight powered by one AAA battery. Most such type of flashlights comes with a keychain so that it can be easily hung with your keys. So, users can carry the flashlight very conveniently.

Tank007 has been manufacturing micro torch flashlights for many years. Some of Tank007 mini torch light are well-known in the world, for example, E09, which is one of the best selling mini led torches in the world. And now, some other mini flashlights are also welcome by users. Here, this article will share you two of them.

No.1 TK703

mini torch light

Tank007 TK703 is a quality aluminum mini LED flashlight. It has been in the market for about ten years. It is popular mostly due to the Cree Q5 LED, which is a little old now, but many customers prefer the LED for they think Q5 LED is stable and bright. In addition, the small cute body also makes the flashlight loved by many clients.

1. TK703 has finger size, which is short and exquisite. An ideal choice for both men and women, the old and the young.
2. Fine workmanship of non-slip knurling.
3. Metal end click switch that can stand on tail.
4. Constant current circuit chip for constant brightness.
5. With diffusers specially designed, it can work as a camping lamp, signal stick or bracket light.
6. Various colors for free choice.

No.2. E13

Micro Torch Light

E13 is a new micro torch in Tank007. It is powered by one AAA battery. Due to the small body and the pocket clip, it is quite easy to carry. Different from E09, this flashlight has one mode only. So, it is a little cheaper than E09 accordingly.

Key features:
Light: Only 10g
Bright: 120lumen
Durable: made from T6061 aluminum alloy, anodized treatment on the surface
Small: 6.4cm long only

LED SPECIFICATIONS: Brand & Model: LED LED Lifespan: above 50,000 hours Max Brightness: 120 lumens Throw Beam: 80 m CIRCUIT SPECIFICATIONS: Input Voltage:0.8-3.7V Output Level: one mode BATTERY SPECIFICATIONS: Power Source: 1*AAA Burn Time: high light- 0.6hours;