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How to maintain LED flashlights by ourselves?

How to maintain LED flashlights by ourselves?


How to maintain LED flashlights by ourselves?

We do not know why the LED light is broken in a sudden. How should we maintain LED flashlight? Everything has a certain lifespan. How to maintain our LED flashlights can be an essential knowledge.

If a sudden broken problem shows in our flashlights, how should we deal with it? How to repair it? Of course, we should make clear the exact problem first.

The features of main LED flashlights is light weight, easy to carry, but relatively low- led life . The development trend of aluminum Flashlight is shatterproof , anti-pressure , energy saving. Aluminum Flashlight relatively based on urban and rural areas customers, plastic Flashlight is aimed primarily at low consumer groups.

Flashlight does not light, it can be repaired by replacing LED. However, we should pay attention to the polarity which can not be reversed . Lead-acid battery is damaged, resulting in not charging and discharging , the performance shows with plug to use. Flashlight switch is bad or damaged can not be turned on. High voltage step-down capacitor damage , or rectifier diode overvoltage damage caused discharged. If so, we only need an ordinary pointer multimeter can detect and solve the problem.