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LED Flashlight Purchase Notes

LED Flashlight Purchase Notes


Before purchase a LED flashlight, you may need to know some important information about the LED flashlight. Here, this article will share you some helpful info, hope that can help you.

LED flashlight features:
1, The LED. There are many LED brands in the market, but if your budget allows, you’d better choose Cree, OSRAM, and other famous LEDs for such LEDs have high energy to light conversion efficiency, in other words, such LEDs can save power for you, and save money for you.
2, Material. Aluminum flashlights are popular now. So, you are recommended to purchase aluminum ones for they are more durable.
3, Waterproof. As electronic product, once water gets into a flashlight, short circuit may occur, and ruin the flashlight. Now, more middle and high end flashlights are waterproof.
4. Well wielded. Each diode is connected by welding on the circuit board, if there is poor contact with the Weld, it may cause no light or affect the overall use. The same time as

Why you need LED flashlight rather than traditional flashlight

Compared to traditional flashlight, LED ones have many advantages, say,

1, LED long life, generally up to 50,000 hours more than the traditional tungsten lamp life is 5 to 10 times higher.
2, cold light, low heat, will not damage the lamp holder high security.
3, LED features faster reaction speed, better impact resistance, smaller size, easy to light and other lightweight.
4, energy saving, new environmentally friendly light bulbs.
5, the reaction speed as long as 1us (microseconds), no need to warm light before turn on the flashlight, this can improve safety.
6, low-voltage drive, safe

Rechargeable LED flashlight saves much trouble for us. We do not need to frequently purchase batteries, or remove the battery to charge. Though you may need to pay more for the flashlight, in the long run, it can save you money in battery cost.