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LED epitaxy growth process of the solution

LED epitaxy growth process of the solution


LED epitaxy growth process of the solution

To explore the growth process of LED epitaxial wafer today, early in the era of integrated circuits, each of the 6? The epitaxial wafer on thousands of chips, now submicron line width of VLSI, each of the eight? On the epitaxial wafer can only complete YiLiangBaiGe large chips. Epitaxial wafer manufacturing is moving? Investment tens of billions, but it is all the basis of the electronics industry.

Silicon column of grown up, you first need to put a high purity silicon ore in a furnace, and add predefined metal material, make the silicon produced column with the requirements of the electrical characteristics, then need to put all the material to melt and then grow into single crystal silicon column, the following will do to all the column crystal grown process is introduced:

Long jing main program:

1, melting (MELtDown)

This process will be placed in the quartz crucible block compound crystal silicon heating system is higher than the melting temperature of 1420 degrees Celsius, the most important parameters in this stage for the location of the crucible and heat supply, if using greater power to melt compound crystal silicon, quartz crucible life expectancy will be lower, whereas low power melting process takes too long, affect the overall capacity.

2, Neck Growth (Neck Growth)

After the temperature stability of the silicon melt pulp, the direction of seed in injection liquid gradually, and then to pull the seed, and reduced to a certain diameter (about 6 mm), maintain the diameter and 10 — 20 cm, to eliminate the poor in the seed row (dislocation), the zero line of difference (dislocation – free) will be poor line to control mainly confined to the growth of the neck.

3, crystal Crown Growth (the Crown Growth)

After long neck, slowly lower speed and temperature, to gradually increase the diameter of the neck to the required size.

4, crystal Growth (Body Growth)

Using the drawing speed and the adjustment of the temperature change to late to maintain fixed crystal bar diameter, so the crucible must constantly up to maintain the fixed liquid level height, so radiant heat by the crucible to crystal rods and the liquid surface will increase gradually, the radiation of heat will cause solid interface temperature gradient decreases gradually, so the crystal rods growth stage of drawing speed should be gradually reduce, to avoid any crystal rod distortion phenomenon.

5, the Tail Growth (Tail Growth)

When the length of the crystal growth to the fixed (need), the diameter of the crystal rod must be gradually narrowed, until to separate from the surface, this is to avoid caused by thermal stress and bad phenomenon of slip plane.