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Led bike riding flashlight selection method,bike riding is divided into two types: day bike riding and night bike riding:

bike riding during the day requires a good view during the day. The riders obey the traffic rules and keep the speed and safety.

Night bike riding requires high points, night vision is not good, visibility is low, we should maintain a speed of about 35km / h, according to this speed with a flashlight, we can clearly see the road ahead, improve safety.

For flashlights mounted on mountain bikes, there are a few basic requirements:

Weight: The flashlight can’t be too heavy, too much affecting the balance of the front.

Endurance: The general flashlight can maintain the best lighting effect for 2-4 hours.

Light source: Floodlight, many people now like the wide illumination area and high security.

Long shot: The light column is very obvious, the range is really very windy, but the ride is not practical and the safety is not high.

bike riding flashlight selection details

bike riding is divided into two types: day bike riding and night bike riding:

The flashlight should be fixed. If the mountain bike does not bring its own flashlight clip, try to make a set of flashlights.

The flashlight has a large flood angle, and it is bright and large. It is very comfortable and safe when it is close to a few meters.

The flashlight should not be too long. Too long will affect the bike riding. The length of the flashlight with single lithium (18650) as the energy source is the best.

It takes a long enough battery life, and it is best to replace the battery with the best flashlight.

Battery: Try to choose the 18650 battery of Sanyo Panasonic Samsung and other big brands. It is best to choose a protective board to avoid over-charging and affecting battery life. (Like the ultrafire standard, the low-cost, virtual standard capacity is serious, in the pursuit of highlighting And need long-term battery life is not recommended to purchase).

Light color temperature is very important, bike riding flashlight light color: It is recommended to choose 4000-5500K color temperature, this color temperature shows good index, with fogging effect.

The urban area does not need to be too bright, it must be dimmable, because the driver of the car can’t see the person bike riding the bicycle under the street light, especially when there are green plants turning, so the flashlight in the urban area is not for the road, but for the driver. see you.

Must be earthquake-resistant, earthquake-resistant professional riders know that flashlights in bike riding are not earthquake-resistant. Ordinary gear shifts or shutdowns are very old-fashioned and dangerous.

Those who resist falling, and often ride, rarely fall. If you don’t fall, you will have to “blood” and change your flashlight.

Waterproof performance must be good, rain does not enter the water for more than a few hours.


In view of the above conditions, the choice of flashlight appearance can meet the performance requirements can be personalized, price: according to their own economic strength, of course, a little more expensive, a penny for goods, night bike riding is also considered a dangerous activity, greedy for yourself it is good.