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The LED application Who let it return to the light quality?

The LED application Who let it return to the light quality?


The LED application Who let it return to the light quality?

Level with the lighting of LED light source in material technology, manufacturing technology, the application of mature, one day after some years based on the environmental problem is increasingly serious, disorderly economic development, all countries in the world energy conservation and emissions reduction under the pressure of reality, the LED lighting application was finally explosion point, by the deployment of the reason is not because the LED light have much good, but because of who I am LED energy saving, based on this, the government’s policy guidance, the media, investment poured into, the related production timely intervention is not related to manufacturing businesses, don’t ask, don’t technology is feasible, ability, conditions have enough, LED a few years later, everything about LED energy-saving sex, the national industrial policy support, dubbed the “strategic emerging industries” magnificence and penetrating, instruction in the layout.

However, everyone for the LED energy saving account, who has been seriously concerned about the LED application technology in the quality of light?

That is all right! Countries said LED energy-saving should be promoted, national policy in do it, and set the time of death of traditional incandescent lamp, road map is also very clear clear as planned, is to want to “energy” incandescent lighting in LED lighting, also took out all part of city road lighting, as “experimental” range of LED lighting applications, so you believe, believe that LED the vast heaven and earth, happy happy outlook, so just pouring into “energy-saving LED lamps and lanterns” ignore “light”! See by the end of 2014 all have the urban road to install the LED street light, light quality?

Optical parameters of the part

Light distribution, glare index control index in 2013 before seriously ignored by many LED manufacturers, and devotion to brightness and intensity of illumination.

Glare index control puts forward strict requirements to the LED street light, need the LED manufacturers in the design of lamps and lanterns and light distribution design, is a contradictory unity difficult, for example, the luminous Angle of 120 degrees and 140 degrees Angle of light produced by the glare is absolutely not the same. Municipal departments also believe that carlson LED light-emitting wide Angle of the LED street lamp can reduce the number of per kilometer posts, this is real demand, but the problem is also a contradiction between application, perhaps, the unresolved issues.

The choice of lens material for road lighting of LED street light is not good idea! For there are various different using environment, wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, anti-aging, metamorphism, resisting pollution and other issues, in the application process at the same time also lead to wreck, light color change and other issues.

For LED applications, there are many, many problems, such as LED light blue and white light yellow phosphor after mixing, the lack of red in the spectrum, the LED light is due to the rich blue change on long-term activities to choose environment, which is dangerous for people? Process and material quality reasons caused by the temperature deviation, partial slant red, green and so on will need to be engaged in LED application technology, people stop for cheap service idea of constant progress, regression craftsman mentality, form the light, make satisfying application.