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Learn from Tank007, How to choose a proper LED Flashlight

Learn from Tank007, How to choose a proper LED Flashlight


Learn from Tank007, How to choose a proper LED Flashlight

With the development of LED technology, LED flashlight has been widely used. But for most people, they got no idea to choose a right LED torch, there are just too much choices on EBAY or Amazon. And the shopping guidance on forum is kindda  old fashioned. So now this article is written for show you the latest way to find a right LED flashlight for you!


CREE has many series and models, we will introduce XRE, XPG, XML series to you.

What is XRE Q5-WC,XPG R5-1A,XML T6-1B stand for?

Q5, R5, T6 are the level of LED light.

XRE has level P3  P4  Q2  Q3  Q4  Q5  R2

XPG has level R3 R4 R5 SE S3

XML has level T4 T5 T6 U2 U3

Higher level has higher efficiency. Level 2 is 7% brighter than level 1, human eyes can’t tell differences.

XRE,  XPG,  XML stand for the package of LED.


Besides the models we just mentioned, there are also XRC, XPE, XPC, MCE, etc etc. Same package means same looking.  XRE has the smallest lighting angel, that leads to a long distance lighting area. XPG got a bigger core-area than XRE, XML got the best lighting angel and core-area. The lighting cups of these two models are larger than XRE, floodlight is better. Better floodlight means better flashlight.

Generally, armatures focus on the luminance of central area.  But luminance doesn’t means Luminous flux. The XRE Q5 may looks brighter than XML T6, but you won’t find that XML is better than XRE unless you compare them in dark night.

WC, 1A, 1B stands for the color temperature of LED, same packages also has different color temperatures. Same level LED, lower color temperatures is more expensive. Please find the follow pictures of color temperatures of XML, XPG, XRE.

Color Tempreture

XRE Q5 1A & 235lm at most

XPG R5 1.5A & 463lm at most, but most led torch only use 1A, 348lm

XML T6 3A & 910lm at most,  XML2 U2 3A & 1050lm at most.


After we checked the list, I guess we all know how to choose a LED flashlight now.   I recommended XML to you, because the price is a not far, but the effection  is far better. Just remember to confirm the luminous flux to the seller, this is important!