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Laser TV world leading LED to QLED”

Laser TV world leading LED to QLED”


In 2017, will be an important moment in the television industry, the global TV manufacturers are in the technical route and business development of their respective crossroads.” In the United States on January 4th local time on the eve of the opening of CES2017, Hisense group president Liu Hongxin officially announced the technology and product line.

That night, in addition to released the world’s first brightness, color gamut than LED dual color 4K laser TV, Hisense spotted QLED. Liu Hongxin said that as a new semiconductor nanomaterials, quantum dots with many unique nano properties, is an important material for the next generation of display devices. At present, the application of quantum dots in the form of quantum dot film has significantly improved the color quality of LED tv. When the quantum dot material is applied to the liquid crystal panel by QDCF, it will improve the image quality. And to the QLED stage, TV can not only light, flexible display, and lower cost, less energy consumption, better quality, more forms, but also more stable. Therefore, QLED is more in line with user value. Hisense into the field of quantum dot display and QLED, but also a natural continuation of ULED technology.” Liu Hongxin said, from the point of view to improve the image quality, ULED and quantum dot technology is perfect. And as early as a few years ago, Hisense began the research of quantum dots, and downstream companies with substantive achievement. Hisense’s new generation of quantum dot display products will be officially listed in 2019, will also continue to introduce a better quality QLED series tv.