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Key points for choosing best LED flashlight

Key points for choosing best LED flashlight


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With the development of electric power industry, the use of the ”best flashlight” is generally reduced. While Some special industries, such as security, police, outdoor sports and other relevant still need a spare flashlight, most of the flashlight is placed in the drawer, or hidden in the box. In addition, earthquakes occurred around the world, are changing people’s concept.A good flashlight as an emergency rescue or searching tool has caused people’s attention,compared to the traditional flashlight.

Aiming at these shortcomings of the traditional flashlights, many flashlight manufacturers pay more and more attention to the practicality and energy saving features of the flashlight. LED flashlight with its low power consumption, high brightness characteristics highly, become the most popular lamps on the market.

How to choose best LED flashlight, here are a few points, for reference:

1, look at the light source, generally LED’s life is one hundred thousand hours, and beam distance is very far. Particularly with slow light decay and optimized design of the circuit.

2, look at the welding and sealing, welding process should be excellent. Each diode is connected by welding on the circuit board, lack of solder or cold join will caused circuit board broken that is possible to cause flashlight does not shine or unstable voltage supply.

3, look at the battery, with the improvement of awareness in environmental protection, it is more and more common with rechargeable lithium batteries while the ordinary battery easy to leak liquid long-term use; rechargeable batteries have lower energy consumption and longer life, more important,it can be recharged more than 500 times.

4, waterproof level, best LED flashlight with excellent waterproof function,in addition with strong impact resistant. There is a circuit board in front of the torch, only a little water is easy to cause short circuit, therefore good waterproof performance is very important.

5, light spot. The best LED flashlight has uniform spot. Inferior-quality flashlight’s light spot is nonuniform and has the astigmatism phenomenon.

6, look at the appearance,best led flashlight should be designed elegant and practical and beautiful, a flashlight with good craft, make your trip more easily.

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