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Japan released a solar LED flashlight

Japan released a solar LED flashlight


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As you can see from the picture, the solar LED flashlight can be powered by a spherical cell. According to the Report by U.S. technology blog Gizmodo, solar flashlight has a significant problem,that is odd, ugly appearance. Recently, a new product in Japan seems to have solved this problem.

A team in Osaka recently released their product on the MoMa website.The team members are very wide, including architects, chefs, furniture designers and so on.


This solar flashlight not only has a good look, but also very sophisticated from a technical point of view.

The so-called “Sphelar solar powered flashlight” is powered by a set of environmentally friendly, spherical solar cells assembled in the handle of the flashlight.The solar cell is able to collect sunlight from each surface rather than simply from the surface. After full charge, the LED flashlight can work for four hours.

The wooden pedestal ensure the spherical cell can be irradiated by sunlight when it be charged.However, as the market strategy showed, its price is up to  $150. Of course, with the flashlight, you never need to replace the battery.

Some of the flashlight collectors, will not give up this chance for some reason,although the price is very expensive. I believe that some of the same style will be developed. In short, innovation, is a driving force for the flashlight industry to mature, but also the first core rule not to be eliminated by the market.