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Jade Expert flashlight, each jade collector lover’s eyes

Jade Expert flashlight, each jade collector lover’s eyes


The unique and apprealing of Huanglong jade:It has the tendernessof Hetian Jade, the luster of Tianhuang Jade, the hardness of Jadeite(Mohs 7 degree), pliable and tough of agalmatolite

Our customer use Tank007 Jade flashlight check Jade

Huanglong Jade already came into our sight about 6 years, in this short period Huanglong  Jade become the legend due to it’s price leapt 10 thousand times.” Gold valuable jade is priceless”, in the Jade market, the top quality is one of rare few, once enter into market will be collected, most common quality Huang Longyu, even  the price rose, still keep in the scope of can be accepted by the market.

The most attractive point for Huang Longyu jade is it has gentle of jade and yellow as main color. General fake Huang Long Jade on the market is counterfeit goods made by wax stone after optimization of.

The identification of Huang Long Jade, the first is “color”. Huang Long Jade main colors: orange, yellow, light yellow, bright red. Many false jade that appeared on the market, are caused by heat dyeing, dyeing methods for fraud, carefully check will easily distinguish the difference;

“transparent”, such as baby Jane mall above, through the optical observation Huang Longyu usually see edges have orange light, when used jade flashlight, halo is wide, need buyers have certain experience;

“moist“:Real huanglong jade have fine and firm texture, exquisite smooth touch. While with wax stone forged Huang Long Jade its fine and glossy degree is different from the authentic Huang Long Jade;

“Hardness”, the harness of Huanglong Jade can compared with Green Jade, especially in the process of machining, very consuming tools.

Every pattern on stone is difference, Art beats nature. Experts estimate that although Huang Long Jade reserves can mining more than 100 years, but the real top product still not common.